Welcome to SmartTech Distribution - your automation partner

SmartTech Distribution Ltd supplies automation and entertainment equipment through dealers and technology specifiers throughout New Zealand.  We take pride in providing everything you need to deliver great Home and Commercial Automation solutions easily, at a competitive price. Founded on ten years experience in the Home Automation Industry in New Zealand, SmartTech Distribution have created a compelling solution to the need for simple Home Automation in a complex and fast changing industry.

SmartTech Distribution offers residential, retail and commercial integrated technology solutions that provide great functionality and simplicity . Dealers enjoy comprehensive training and support together with optional design, pre-build and remote commissioning services. If you are in the market for easy to install, pre configured packages that take the hassle out of supplying integrated systems then contact us today to arrange to become a SmartTech Dealer.


Your clients will love it

At SmartTech we are here to help you provide great home automation solutions for your clients, at a great price. Our SmartTech packages are all tested, pre-configured and pre-programmed to make  easy.

As a SmartTech Dealer you are welcome to bring your clients to our technology Showroom showroom so they can experience what’s possible.  

SmartTech Distribution supply the packaged, pre-configured equipment as well as remote programming. You just specify room names and what is connected to what and the remote Tech Team program all the control pages. If you are a programmer already then we are happy to do just as much of the job as you want - you may even want to contract to us to offer your programming services to other installers through our system.  

Flexible purchase options

Dealers can buy at one of three ways:

  1. Buy the individual items and configure them yourself, your dealer account provides access to everything we sell, at  a dealer price. You design, build, configure, program, install, train and support the customer.
  2. Buy pre-built equipment kits - you do the programming, commissioning, pre-wire, install, handover and support.
  3. Buy the ready-to-install equipment kits with all programming, commissioning, Apps, user interface and ongoing support handled by OneTouch App.  You just pre-wire and install it, use the OneTouch App to specify what's connected to what and the programming is done remotely.